How AI and machine learning powers merchandising
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Redefining retail: Artificial Intelligence & the Customer Experience

Posted by Team Attraqt on Sep 24, 2018 2:19:00 PM

Artificial intelligence is a transformative tool that can radically enhance the customer experience for eCommerce businesses. The technology is beginning to redefine the retail space in its everyday application. As retailers focus on optimizing their shopping experiences in a digitally-driven shopping world, they are seeking out the benefits of this effective technology to bring fast and impactful changes to the online customer shopping experience. AI technology can speed up critical processes and can help brands know their customers better, which benefits the retailer and the consumer, while maximizing the potential of the technology itself.


“AI technology can speed up critical processes and can help brands know their customers better.”


Knowing the Customer Better

By using algorithms to analyze and process how customers are shopping online, AI can help brands to define what their customers are looking for, and what they love to buy. By doing this in a rapid and automated way, the technology has the impressive ability to enhance the customer shopping experience by giving retailers the power to tailor and personalize the customer shopping journey to meet customer needs.




Human Guidance

But it is important to recognise that AI-powered algorithms rely on both human and machine learning to function at their best. Algorithms can do complex things like tracking how visitors are searching for products onsite, and analyzing what products a customer is searching for online. But to make this data valuable, people are better placed to assess the meaning behind these processes. Merchandisers can take learnings and observations from the data that AI algorithms provide to train the algorithms to make the most impactful decisions; setting rules around how they function and what they will serve up to the customer in the shopping journey. This helps to deliver a customer experience that is efficient, inspiring and relevant to customer needs; creating a customer experience that maximizes the potential of AI as well as human insight and expertise.


The Curated ExperienceHarvey Nichols blends creative human insights with AI-powered algorithms to control their merchandising


Brands like Harvey Nichols have lead the way in applying this approach by using AI algorithms to automate the merchandising of their category pages, following a set of rules defined by human merchandisers. This has given the brand the power to create visually stunning category pages that communicate key fashion trends while delivering products that customers want to view and purchase – a combination of human intelligence that understands fashion and brand trends, and the intelligence of machines, which understand online shopping behaviours. This strategy produces an inspiring customer experience that captures and embraces both the power of AI and the power of human ingenuity.

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